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About us

Our company

Clearlab® is committed to delivering innovative contact lens products and services to the global marketplace, our partnership based business philosophy delivers exclusivity and profitability to all of our clients. Products are available in our proprietary Clear Brand, or in custom tailored private labels. Clearlab has two manufacturing sites based in Singapore and Korea. Our extensive global presence is driven by our marketing subsidiaries, Clearlab EU (UK) and Clearlab US Inc. To our customers, we offer a broad range of lens materials and modalities. Our product portfolio includes daily disposables, biweekly/monthly frequent replacement lenses, and a full line of cosmetic color lenses. Clearlab also offers custom manufactured toric lenses with precise optics to meet diverse consumer demands. At Clearlab, product quality and customer satisfaction are our number 1 priorities. We strive to be an invaluable asset for your business, no matter where you are.

Our Commitment to Partner

Clearlab® is committed to building meaningful partnerships with customers who share our values. As a nimble and dynamic company we are able to create products that satisfy the needs of our partners and their customers. Our manufacturing and logistics processes are able to rapidly respond to specific partner requirements.

Our Commitment to People

At Clearlab®, we drive a strong learning culture throughout the organization. Whether production, account managers, quality engineers, or logistics and production personnel, we share common values. Clearlab® is committed to investing in employee training and development. We are also building our business with the highest level of core competence throughout the entire organization.